Having Difficulty Buying New Crypto Coins? Look No Further Than 100xAltbase

Jason Christopher Mantero
3 min readMay 31, 2021

Users of the Binance Smart Chain, and particularly PancakeSwap, will identify with the pain-staking process that can sometimes take place when transacting with different coins on the BSC.

In general, buying new crypto coins can be a minefield of UX issues, incorrect contract addresses or inaccurate conversion amounts — sometimes even a combination of the three.

The solution? Buying new crypto coins via 100xAltbase

Step forward 100xAltbase — the app that’s set to make transacting on the BSC a whole lot easier.

Buying meme coins, and not just 100xCoin, will soon be made available to the masses, but the sign-up process will have a two-minute identity and verification check, also offering to connect a credit or debit card. No more slippage, no more output errors, no more hassle.

Smoother UX aside, the creation of 100xAltbase should be seen as a huge investment into the wider BSC, allowing users to seamlessly transact with a variety of different meme coins, community coins or smart contracts. It’s a huge step in capturing newfound volume that will benefit the BSC as a whole.

Ken Llamas, the founder of 100xAltbase, said:

“Imagine a Robinhood-style app integrated with Smart Chain — a pretty interesting concept. That’s what 100xAltbase is all about.”

Huge gains have been made on new crypto coins, creating a perception that early entry can assure success. However, it’s important to highlight the increasing number of rug pulls and exit scams.

It’s too easy to set up a smart contract and potentially scam investors out of millions of dollars, as the industry has seen some pretty infamous examples recently. Having an app that oversees smart contract volume — and ultimately the legitimacy of coins or meme coins that feature on it — must be a good thing for the space as a whole.

A great platform for finding recently added crypto coins

Being able to find “legit” meme coins and future-proofing this market is ultimately how this movement continues to be viable. The creation of 100xAltbase will allow users to transact in a safe environment, which is arguably the most important factor when buying or selling cryptocurrency.

The overarching aim of 100xAltbase is to make both transactions and storage easier.

The multitude of different accounts or wallets that are required in the current framework is a major deterrent to new investors and equally annoying for those coaching their peers through it. 100xAltbase will provide an in-app wallet function, ensuring that you can store and pay for new crypto coins all under one roof. Recently added crypto coins will appear within the market’s dashboard as they are approved and listed by admins.

100xCoin — More than a meme coin

As a concept, 100xCoin has evolved significantly since its inception a few months ago. NFT staking will soon be available to 100xCoin holders, with some pieces being touted as the rarest nonfungible tokens available in the sports niche. 100xCoin has made significant strides across the board in creating a cross-functional platform for new and experienced crypto enthusiasts alike.

The deflationary, anti-rug-pull tokenomics that 100xCoin is based on cannot be ignored, resonated by a 33% daily candle off the back of a recent market-wide pullback.

100xAltbase is set to launch on May 31, 2021. In anticipation, 100xCoin’s website is undergoing maintenance to preempt increased traffic the app launch will attract. The app will be available on iOS and Android, so keep an eye out for it in the app stores.

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